Towbars For Cars

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Car towbars are attachments that are fastened to the chassis of a car that enable it to tow caravans, trailers, and other items that can be towed.

Towbars for cars are very popular around the world but no more popular than in the UK

There are several different styles of towbars, and each has its own special set of features.

These are the most popular kinds of towbars on the market:


Fixed towbars are always visible and permanently attached on the car. They are usually less expensive than other solutions and provide a dependable towing solution.
Benefits are that they are simple, robust design that is the cheapest towbars for cars in any range.


The vehicle seems neater and more organised when the detachable towbars are removed when not in use.
Benefits include the possibility to remove the towbar when not in use and an attractive appearance when not in use.


Swan neck towbars connect to the towball with a single, curved neck. They are renowned for having a compact and elegant design.
Benefits: Generally compatible with parking sensors and has a clean appearance.


Towbars with a flange have a distinct mounting plate and a visible towball. They are versatile and can be combined with a wide range of add-ons, such as bike carriers.
Benefits: Adaptable, suitable for a range of towing tasks.


When not in use, the retractable towbars can be folded or retracted. They offer an in-between option for fixed and detachable towbars.
Benefits: The design looks cleaner and conserves space when not in use.

How to identify the towbar for your car

The following things should be taken into account when choosing a towbar for your vehicle.

Look at its Towing Capacity.

Verify that the towbar has enough towing capacity for your requirements.
Think about how often you plan to tow and if you would rather have a towbar that is always visible or that can be removed for a more streamlined look.

Legal and Safety Compliance.

Verify that local laws and safety regulations are followed when installing the towbar.

In order to guarantee proper installation and adherence to safety regulations, it is advisable to have a towbar professionally installed. Choosing ourselves as your mobile towbar fitters will guarantee you get the right towbar for your car or vehicle. Added to that the convenience of having it fitted at home or workplace by us makes us a great proposition. Our Mobile towbar fitters cover a large area of the UK. Mainly around the central area but they do go further north, east, south and west. This makes our mobile towbar services one of the most popular in the uk.

If you go online you can read our excellent reviews.

There are several more considerations to make in order to choose the best towbar for your vehicle.

What are you towing?

Think about the object you intend to tow behind you. A wide range of uses for towbars are available, such as trailers, caravans, boats, and bike racks. The choice of towbar is influenced by the kind and weight of the cargo.

Examine the compatibility:

Verify that the towbar is appropriate for the specific make and model of the car you intend to use it with. Certain cars could have specific requirements. It is crucial to select a towbar that is suitable for your vehicle as a result.

As part of our mobile towbar services we supply and install towbars for vehicles of all makes and models. So whether you own a land rover or a Ford we can supply and fit the right towbar for your car. On top of that our mobile towbar fitters come to peoples homes or place of work to fit them. This makes the whole process veary easy for customers and takes the worry out of finding the right towbar.

To provide such an excellent services we are able to provide towbars from all of the leading towbar producers, including Brink Towbars and Towbars from Witter.

Whatever car you drive, we truly do have towbars that will fit. Some customers think that the towbar manufactured by their car manufacturer is the only one that fits their vehicle. This is untrue. There are hundreds of what is called Type A approved towbars that are manufactured to the highest standards.

These are made specifically for all the major car manufacturers and models around the world.

Which sorts of towbars are available?

Fixed Towbars

Fixed towbars offer a solid and reliable towing connection since they are permanently attached to the car. They are reasonably priced and easy to use. When not in use, they might provide a hindrance as they are always visible.

Detachable Towbars

Detachable towbars can be removed to make the vehicle look cleaner when not in use. Both vertical and horizontal forms are removable. Horizontal detachable towbars require less effort and are frequently simpler to remove.

Swan Neck

Swan Neck Towbars extend out from the rear of the vehicle and include a single, curved neck. They are simple, unassuming in their design. However, the kinds of couplings and accessories that can be used may be restricted by their design.

Flanged towbars

Flanged ball towbars are made of a square or rectangular plate to which a towball is mounted. They are versatile, taking a range of coupling configurations and add-ons including stabilisers and cycle carriers.

Reasons why to choose us for Towbar for Cars

Our ability to provide Mobile towbar services is one of the main reasons we are chosen. This simply means you don’t need to leave your home to order and have your towbar fitted.

Choosing the appropriate towbar for your car isn’t always simple.
However, we can identify the ideal towbars for your car right away with our mobile towbar fitting service.
We only need a few facts from you, such your registration, to accomplish this.

We can provide you with a very competitive supply and fitting pricing once we get this information.
We will set up a convenient time and day to call you once your acceptance has been confirmed. Our service is a complete supply and fitting service making it great value.

Our constant goal is to provide excellent customer service.
We promise that the towbar fitting service you buy from us will be performed accurately on the first attempt.
We pledge to immediately address and resolve any issues that may emerge in accordance with our terms and conditions, even in the unlikely event that they do.

We also give a 12 month guarantee on the towbar and fitting giving all our customers complete peace of mind.

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