Towbar Types Explained

TrailerTREK Towbars are a professional towbar installers offering a mobile towbar fitting service to the public, trade and fleet customers. We have many years of experience in the towbar and towing industry and can supply and fit towbars throughout the Midlands Area, down to the outskirts of London and the Counties.

The customer always comes first at TrailerTREK Towbars and we will ensure that our service to you is second to none. We want to be the industry leaders in towbar fitting and we strive to ensure exceptional customer service on each fitting.

You have three options of towbar to choose from

Flange Towbars
Detachable Towbars
Swan Neck Towbars

Fixed Flange Towbar

Flange Type Towbars


The Flange towbar is very popular as it is robust and bolts straight on to the tow bar.
Best value for money and all manufacturers make a large range.
All car accessories fit to these towbars and they are without doubt the easiest and most versatile.


These are non removable and can set off your parking sensors.
Swan Neck Towbar

Swan Neck Type Towbars


Swan Neck Towbars are all alko compatible for use with alko stabilisers. They are really common now in the UK and look good behind your vehicle. Only certain kinds of bike racks fit.
They can be used with Alko Stabilisers, Thule Bike Carriers.
They are sleek in design and are a good looking type of towbar.
Competitive Prices and there is a large range.


They are non-removable.
Accessories can sometimes be hard to fit e.g. bike carriers, bumper plates etc.
Detachable Swan Neck TowbarDetachable Flange Towbar

Detachable Type Towbars


Detachable towbars are becoming very popular as people are using there cars more for camping and sports. These bars can be taken off the vehicle and then put back on when you need them. They are extremely versatile and becoming increasingly popular.
Completely removable when not in use and very sleek.
Do not affect parking sensors when detached.
Electrics can be hidden behind bumper on certain types.
Can be used with Alko Stabilisers and Thule Bike Carriers.


Are more expensive than flange and swan neck towbars.

Towbar Electrics Explained

When selecting electrics you have three option to choose from.

7 Pin Towbar Electrics

Towbar Electrics Single Electrics 12N
7 Pin or Single electrics are primarily used for towing trailers, jet ski’s, boats, horse boxes.

13 Pin Towbar Electrics

Towbar Electrics 13 Pin Electrics
13 Pin electrics are primarily used for towing caravans manufactured after September 2008.

Twin Pin Towbar Electrics

Towbar Electrics Twin Electrics 12S
Twin electrics are primarily used for towing caravans or boats that require the fridge and battery to be charged.
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